About company


Specialists of JSC “PTVB”  will help You save your time for more important issues in the development of Your business.

JSC “PTVB” is the enterprise which will help to rise to his feet and, further, to develop Your company.
If you have the desire and ideas to start your own business, then come to us!!
We will tell You what to do, will Help to prepare the necessary documents, Register Your firm.
Our Specialists will be engaged in Your accounting, consultants will inform further steps for development of Your business and the IT Department will help you from the technical side.
Starting your own business, many leaders believe that independently carry out financial and tax accounting is very simple.
As a rule, they believe that the accounting, preparation and submission of reports will not take much time, and knowledge of one member of staff sufficient to insure themselves against serious bugs and problems.
At first glance, it does seem that young, emerging companies absolutely do not require the services of organizations engaged in professional accounting outsourcing. But, as practice shows, such initial beliefs are often not quite correct.

Specialists of the company JSC “PTVB” are ready at any time to assist You and to provide full range of services related to such areas as accounting professional outsourcing.

JSC “PTVB” provides all kinds of accounting,consulting and IT-services.

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Pasea Estate, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands